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 So what is pet photography, and what's the difference between natural light pet photography and studio pet photography?


Well, it's quite simple, Pet photography is the process of taking professional images of your pets. Pet Photography can be done in a couple different styles but here we offer natural light pet photography & studio pet photography.


Natural light pet photography is when a photographer only uses available ambient light. They don't use flashes or have any continuous lighting like studio pet photography sessions do.  Natural light pet photography sessions are often shot in the afternoon at sunsets or on cloudy days when the sun isn't so direct to provide a better, cleaner overall image. Natural light pet photography sessions are shot in places such as beaches, pet friendly parks, your own backyard. Pretty much anywhere outside is where natural light pet photography can take place.  














Studio pet photography sessions are shot inside with studio lighting & studio backgrounds.  Studio pet photography allows the photographer to control & fine-tune the details in the images. If you book a studio pet photography session, when we set up you'll see a white background, a couple stands to hold the background up, a studio flash with a softbox, a couple camera's, a cord for power to the studio light and another cord to connect to the camera. In studio pet photography their are many different backgrounds, whilst there are many, the most common backgrounds are black, white, grey and beige. At KGardner Photography we currently offer a white background option however we are looking into attaining more backgrounds to suit back anyone's preferences.

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is Pet Photography worth the cost?

 Like any genre of professional photography, it feels like a bit of a luxury, but its well worth the investment. There's a few reasons why its well worth the investment and here's just a couple reasons why you should book your pet in for a pet photography session.

1. Animals don't last forever

 Some day they will pass away, we all know it, but we never know when that is. You don't want a heaps of low resolution, bad lighting images to remember them by. That's why we believe its so important to invest in a professional pet photography session to remember them by when that day comes.  We recommend getting professional images of your pet every 1-2 years to document them and look back at as they grow older. 

2.  Professional images aren't easy to take

Whilst you may take some great photos of your pet on your phone they will never have that professional touch to them. We have the training, experience, camera's, lenses, materials and all of the software to supply a professional pet photography portrait. We don't  just supply you with images straight off the camera. There's many steps from taking the images to sending the images over to you; such as culling, double backups, placing images into allocated folders, cropping, removing people from backgrounds, removing leashes (if applicable), enhancing fur details etc.


3 Must have images for your pet in your Natural Light Pet Photography Session

When you book a pet photography session there's a lot going on for your furry friends. their's new people, a new place, new smells and camera gear that pets (dogs in particular) just seem to love to investigate and have a good sniff at. It can make for a various array of images that pet owners seem to love! The longer the pet photography session the more likely you are to receive these shots, in saying that here's 5 must have images from your pet photography session!

































This was captured on a Iphone
Dog Photography
This was captured and edited on a professional setup

1.  A Close Up 

Who doesn’t want a close up of their favorite furry face?

Having an image where you can see every little detail of

your furry friends that just fills the entire frame is an image

that makes you happy & calm to view.


The close is up is one of my favourite images from your pet

Photography Session. The close really captures the personality of your pet and it never gets old to see!

pet photography

2. Nature Portrait


A nature portrait lets you see your entire pet as part of the environment. The image to your right (or below on mobiles) is a image of a dog called "Ranger". We had taken this shot after he had a run around and started to calm down. We often leave nature shots as one of the last things we do as it helps the pets looks more serene in the environment given. 

pet photography

3.  The blooper


Well, this one is exactly as it sounds. When you have your pet photography session we take a lot of images, often between 50-200+ images (dependant on session choice). While there may be some beautiful images of your pet, we also often get a lot of funny images to sort through. It always gives us a laugh to see the different funny faces a pet can make. This is just a classic image that you must have and everyone can laugh at for years to come.

funny pet photography
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