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My name is Kurt Gardner, I am 23 years old & I specialise in professional portraits, wedding & dog Photography. I started photography at the age of 14, purely focusing on nature photography but over the years found my love for doing candids such as wedding shots, your dog running along the beach or softly lit studio model portraits.

I am based in Melbourne but originally, I am from the Central Coast (1 hour north of Sydney). I moved to Melbourne to live with my partner Daina & to thrive better with my photography, as Melbourne is the art state.

A couple of things to know about me is I am very one with all animals, so do not be sorry if your 60kg Great Dane tackles me to the ground, I own 3 beautiful pythons by the name of “Nelli”, “Professor Snape” & "Gywn". Lastly, many who meet myself in person describe me to be very benevolent, easy going & down to earth. I tend to keep things short & sweet very much like my photography style, I hope to pursue photography more to make a bigger career out of it someday. Thank you, for your time & for reading this to know a bit more about me & who I am.


What Clients Are Saying


My name is Daina Goumas I am 20 years of age, I describe myself to be very nerdy & drawn to anything bittersweet because creepy sombre things never cease to captivate me.


 I am very passionate about Photography, Literature, Film, Games and Music. I've been doing Self Portrait Art, Portraits & Conceptual Photography for about 4 years now. I started photography as a wee child doing stop motion shorts with my monster high dolls in my backyard but my actual interest in Photography sprouted from dabbling in special fx makeup, which I soon grew out of. .  


My entire inspiration for why I do what I do is because of one of my favourite writers Edgar Allan Poe, my favourite Director Tim Burton & my favourite game of all time Outlast. I am also very drawn to dark biblical art & renaissance paintings, a painting I'm most moved by is "The Nightmare" by Henry Fuseli, I dream to someday do a photoshoot inspired by it. My friends describe me to be very spontaneous creatively, always inspired by the world around me & carefully compassionate with everything I create artistically.


If you've made it this far THANK YOU kindly for your time & commitment in reading a bit about me. Being able to express my creative mind & ideas through such daring but fascinating mediums is my muse. I have so much ambition & still so much to learn with the art of Photography. I am eager, ecstatic & passionate to venture through progression in perfecting my style of photography :) Thank you.🖤

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